Todd is like everybody else. 
As a child he had a dream.
A dream to become a Russian figure skater. 
But unfortunately for Todd, he wasn’t Russian and he couldn’t ice skate worth shit. 
So like most people, his dream was shattered and he had to figure out what else to do with his life.
Growing up, Todd always knew he was special, not in a ride the short bus; wear a helmet kind of special…just in a different kind of way. 
Todd’s “specialness” was most reflective in his doodling. 
As a kid Todd doodled his way through school, constantly drawing in class and getting detention on a weekly basis.
But instead of going to art school, Todd listened to parents and went to the University of Florida and studied accounting. Big mistake!
Eventually he graduated and went to work as a CPA.  But that didn’t last long as Todd hated being an accountant. 
Fed up with wearing a suit, shaving, and crunching numbers all day, Todd quit his job and started, a tee shirt company based on his doodles. 
The same doodles that landed him in the principal’s office all through school.
That company was david & goliath. www.davidandgoliathtees.com
now many years later Todd is still doodling and is a self-proclaimed professional doodler. 
Todd’s doodles can be seen on hundreds of products that are sold all over the world.
He works at the Stupid Factory where all his doodles are turned into stuff.
You can see his doodles on tee shirts, books, paintings, greeting cards, toys, emojis, and even cartoons.
Todd contributes his success to one a simple philosophy – making people laugh! 
Whether they're laughing at him or with him, he doesn't really care, just as long as they're laughing. Todd doesn't take himself too seriously, and his art clearly reflects his personality and sense of humor.
Todd lives in Los Angeles with his daughter, Elle, and his dog Muppet.
He spends most of his day writing and doodling at the Stupid Factory. That and making stop motion movies with his boogers. but that's probably not relevant here.